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Growing & Maintaing an Audience

INTERACTION!!! I cannot stress this enough, the most important thing is to constantly be interacting with your viewers, go the extra mile because it will stay with them. Not very many broadcasters out there do that, so differentiate yourself and be SOCIABLE!

NETWORK! Get your friends into your livestream, have them all tweet it out and chatting it up in the
chat as Moderators, let your audience know that “Hey if you’re a devote viewer of mine and you are a
great person in the chat, I will make you a Moderator”, it encourages them to keep showing up so they
leave an impact on you.

“HIT THAT FOLLOW BUTTON!” Follow! Follow! Follow! Remind people at the bottom and top of
the hour (or such as between rounds in a Call of Duty Multiplayer match) to always hit that follow button,
sell them on it! The more people that follow you, the more your concurrent viewership will increase over
the course of time, you want them to get those email notifications.

While were on the subject of following…use your voice (your livestream) to promote yourself across all
other social media platforms. Remind them that your Twitter is a great place to interact with you when
you’re not live and that it will also update them as to when you are going live! Once you start doing this
and the vice versa, not only will you increase your viewership, but you’ll increase your presence in all
other social media outlets; BRING BRAND AWARENESS TO YOURSELF!

Be personable with your audience, talk about your life, show some emotion! Let them know you are just
a normal person, that way they build a connection with you and will soon start thinking “Hey (Yourself)
has gone live, I wonder how hes doing and what hes been up to.”

MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL!! One thing I do a lot is “Mini-Shoutouts” while answering questions
or talking about a topic, I will thank or shout out the individual who submitted it and address them by
their username “Big High Five to (individual in the chat) you kick ass man”, this will make them feel
great and coming back. But it also creates a reason for other people in the audience to be noticed, they
want YOU to shout them out, so they will keep returning so they, once again, leave a lasting impression
with you!

Utilize a twitter application, such as “TweetDeck” so you always are alerted to what is going on in your
community. It’s like your mini-News Feed related to your community, if some drama gets started or
something interesting has happened you can then bring it up and start a full discussion up with your
viewers. They can discuss amongst themselves and yourself!

GOALS! Now, you probably always cannot do this but, when you are JUST starting out in the
livestreaming jungle, you want to differentiate yourself from others. Goals really help in that department
and keep bringing people back for more. For example, back in the day I used to do “Road to Gold” which
I would stream myself trying to acquire Gold Guns LIVE, a great thing about mine was I then pushed
people to my facebook to poll on which gun to acquire Gold camo for next, THEN the Gold Gun video
was uploaded to YouTube. This has a full circle affect on your audience, growing all of your corners on
the internet together. So try to find a goal or driving reason behind your streaming and take your viewers on that journey!